Obscured Light

Limited Edition Prints available, contact Ella for details

About this work:

Obscured Light, an experimental portrait series in which I am working with obstructing the light as it reaches and records on the camera's sensor. All images are made in camera without the help of post processing. Each image is a combination of calculated composition and the beauty of the unknown and random interactions between various layers of light.

These images translate into a two dimensional visual field the emotions and obscurities of humanity and our environments.

Fine Art, conceptual photography, multiple exposure floral portrait of Zoe West

San Francisco Artist, decorative fine art abstract portrait of woman and leaves

Decorative art, Oakland Artist Ella Sophie, Abstract Profile of woman with plant.

Ethereal Fine Art Decorative Photography by Ella Sophie, asian woman with color abstraction

Decorative conceptual art, woman with crystals, wall art by Oakland Artist Ella Sophie

Glowing fine art portrait of woman, decorative feminine art, San Francisco Artist Ella Sophie

Decorative feminist wall art, woman with greens and flowers. Art photographer Ella Sophie

Abstract eye and leaves, decorative conceptual fine art. Photographer Ella Sophie

San Francisco based feminist artist, back of woman with abstract color multiple exposure

Dreamy ethereal fine art portrait, black and white, asian face with leaves. Decorative feminine art

Feather fine art wall art, double exposure art portrait by feminist artist Ella Sophie

Tree double exposure decorative wall art. Photography by Ella Sophie

Oakland feminist artist Ella Sophie, Art Portrait of woman with bones.

Skull and lips, decorative abstract fine art photography by Ella Sophie

Abstract Wall Art, woman's eye and crystals. Ethereal portraits. Oakland CA

Eyes wide shut, portrait with skull, multiple exposure by feminist Oakland Artist

Feather and woman's eye, multiple exposure decorative wall art by Ella Sophie, Oakland CA